Trumpet Audio Clips


Charpentier – Te Deum
Clarke – Trumpet Voluntary
Purcell – Trumpet Tune
Handel – Suite in D, IV. March (Bourrée)
Handel – Suite in D, V. March

Big Band and Contemporary Lead Trumpet

Lead Excerpts 1
Lead Excerpts 2

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Clips

Truth (© Christian McIvor, 2004)
Not the Same (© Christian McIvor, 2004)
Let Your River Flow (© Christian McIvor, 2018)

Congregational Worship Songs

Earth: Beloved Community (© Christian McIvor, 2018)
Written for the 2018 Alliance of Baptists Annual Gathering
One Tough Mother (© Christian McIvor, 2019)
Written for College Park Baptist Church
She Shall Prophesy (© Christian McIvor, 2020)
Written for College Park Baptist Church
Called to Become (© Christian McIvor, 2019)
Written for Baptist Women in Ministry of North Carolina

Additional original songs by Christian McIvor are available at Several examples of covers and originals are shown in the video below.

Covers – beginning to 5:18; Originals – 5:19 to end.
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